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[sticky post] ~ WANTS ~ (Main Collection Only)

Updated: September 2019 - (Cleaned up a bit)

This wants page is heavily under construction as I am on the hunt for a LOT of things!

There's a LOT of stuff I'm searching for...so much. I have many pictures but I don't want to clutter the wants post too much, basically anything I don't have I will want of these guys!

Are these YOUR images? Don't want me to use them or want credit? Let me know! <3

Supreme Grails
My current #1 wants - I would love to own ALL Latios, Latias and Lugia Plush!

*Latios TOMY Mascot Plush


I really want to pair him up with my Latias! This is one of my most tip top wanted! If you see it and let me know?
If you would like to sell yours please send me a message! We can discuss a good price!

* Elusive 2006 Lugia Lotto B Prize Plush
...Sheesh my ultimate Lugia want! I doubt I'll see this in my collection any time soon but man it would be a dream come true if I ever did!


~ WANTS ~ (Side Collection Only)

Side Collection - Main Wants
I'll just shove some pictures of main wants but I pretty much want lots of stuff from these too ;_;!)

Updated: September 2019 - Cleaned the post up and added a few items.

There is a LOT of stuff I am searching for in regards to side collections but I'll quickly post a few main wants from each of them, when I get more time I will upload more or add some more desirables! I generally collect anything of my collections but may be picky when it comes to buying sides.
LeafeonShiny Pokemon Promotion 2009 Bandaileafeonclips
haunterdicehaunterjakkshaunterkeychainwhauntervsditto jolteonamadaajolteonamadas
zoruaeraser33 zoruacupcakezoruaPokemon Christmas Cake 2010 Bandap



I've been surprised with a camping trip ;u;! I've never been camping before! x3

It'll only be for a couple of days but it sounds really exciting! I just love going for walks/adventures around and this will give me some peace and quiet...hopefully! I sure hope I get to hear the sound of rain hitting the tent at night ;u;  Just a quick message to let people know I won't be ignoring them, but I will have very very small access to the internet! ;u; <3

Semi-Away [Holiday]

Just a quick message to anyone trying to contact me - I can reply back but I am currently away on holiday for a week since last Monday at my friends so I have a limited time on the computer- any quotes, shipments etc will be dealt with next week~!

I'm still here for contact but don't worry if you think I'm ignoring you - I'm not! x3
Okay so to update anyone interested in my own journal sales, I'm kinda halfway done with the figures, fortunately I have a couple of days off now until Friday/Weekend to get cracking with the photos...I The amada mirror stickers are sure hard to photograph though... but I'll get there! Hopefully...

Also rather curious...does anyone have any information on these? I bought a box with some Digimon figures and it went for a hefty price so of course I'm looking to get some money back and eventually tag these in my sales post...I have a couple of doubles of these watches but I've never seen them before...I've tried typing "pokemon rings" "banpresto pokemon watches" or "pokemon movie watches" to see if there's anything there but nothing. They're not at my house at the moment, they're with my other recent gets at Sky's house so I'll have to wait for them to come (Sky took the picture for me)

Annnd I'm now wondering if I should just wait until the next box comes so I'll have more stuff for sales...oh dear. ;w; (Included are metal figures, more mini model solid colours, and bell charms!)

Also I'm flailing like mad because this next box or two will have 3 of some of my high Lati wants, including two semi-grail like things and another that was verging on them! They'll definitely be in my next update with a few more huge gets of Ninetales/Weavile/Lugia & all the lovelies hopefully! 



Just browsing through some auctions, saving pictures for wants and all the fun and dandy stuff when I finally saw-


I've been hunting for the Latias & Latios yellow based bottle caps for absolute years now (I wish I was exaggerating - they were on an old list of wants when I couldn't buy anything until I started earning my own funds. I have seen some come and go though but not in a long time) and the one I finally see seems to have been ripped from his cap? Nuuu! ;;

Has anyone else ever been on the lookout for something, find it, but then the figure/plush/flat/misc has been so damaged that it makes you sad? ;w;

Oh well, back to hunting for them! Never give up <3

Shiny Encounter - Eeep & Scales

So I decided to pick up my Pokémon Y game after a good few months of not properly playing it (the horror ;;).
I decided to aim for the shiny charm as I recently just downloaded Pokémon Bank to get all my lovelies into this awesome game.


DSC07644    DSC07646
Seriously...I don't even have the shiny charm yet this is my 2nd shiny in the game... ;w; A pretty nice shiny too! I was just roaming the grass for Pokés I haven't caught...

Also I'm awaiting a HUGE months of purchases box sooner or later, just need to finalize some items and a box or two will be on it's way full of goodies...goodies to keep and goodies to sell!  ^o^ The thing is...I'm terribly scared of pricing the shipping. Fees, thanks to my friend are easy to calculate but SHIPPING I am so put off selling things because of it but I can't really fund myself and I need to save some money for the future...so I need to buy a good scale! Did anyone else feel worried about getting postage wrong when you first started selling things? =,D

Impmon and Renamon update

Sooo we have a little Impy and Rena collection update!
Over the past few months I've been able to grab a few Renamon and Impmon merchandise, although they are very slow to collect especially when you can't buy on certain sites I'm happy with what I got lately!

The kid figures were from eBay and gave me a lovely import  charge. Next I was able to get the clear Renamon keychain on eBay from the same seller back when the Impmon beanie was available aaa why didn't I buy it? Stupid UK customs making everything double the price... either way I kept kicking myself for it as it's one of the longest things I've been searching for, next time I hope to get him as I now have the Renamon one...which I didn't picture d'oh!

The Renamon to the far left at the back is a wind up toy and boy is it awesome (I also have a Guilmon and Gargomon wind up toy..would trade if they ever made an Impmon one for any of the two!) and speaking of Impy, we have a keychain and bandai figure I've been on the look out for, a good friend of mine and I are splitting lots and grabbing what we like, would sure love to get the Renamon counterparts one day! I also have a Impmon figure on the way to me that I haven't seen before, it looks awesome and I can't wait! Sure hope he gets here before we move!

I'll be making a Pokémon merch update on pkmncollectors some time today or tomorrow as I'll be in the process of packing things up, but my phone doesn't like taking decent enough pictures anymore which is really annoying! I should take a pic of all the Rena/Imp merch when I move into my new house! =D

Until then, *poof*


Okay so I have no picture of merch to flail to that has anything to do with holidays.

I say holidays but I'll be off to the beach hiding indoors with my awesome awesome friend who lives there until the following Wednesday night! (17th July) I will still have access to a computer so I will try and get back to anyone who wishes to contact me! I know I'm in a couple of GA's and purchasing awesome stuff so hopefully you'll see this (or I'll PM later...) but as for now I must catch my train soon! It's going to be a loooong travel but so worth it away from here!

I was going to do all this LAST NIGHT but livejournal decided to do maintenance. >w>;

I'll treat this like a holiday! I've been needing one for a looong time! Then I will come back to fun. Yay! Wheeeee <3



I have been holding off a collection post for way too long. I need some tiiime to clean & take decent enough pictures in the sunlight.

Soon, very soon.